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Welcome to Minsk!


Minsk, the capital of the Republic of Belarus, is located in the Eastern European Time zone GMT +2. When it’s 12:00 (midday) in Minsk, it is 10:00 in London, 5:00 in New York, 19:00 in Tokyo, 20:00 in Canberra.


By plane:

You arrive at the Minsk National Airport, which is located in 42 km from the capital of the Republic of Belarus, the city of Minsk.

You can exchange currency immediately at the exchange office in the airport building. There are shops on the third floor of the airport where you can buy maps of the city and Belarus, phone cards, travel tickets, newspapers and other necessary goods.

You can get from the airport to Minsk by taxi, public minibus taxi or regular bus.

By train:

Trains arrive at the Minsk railway station, which is located right in the city center, next to the metro station.

The station building has been the hallmark of the modern Minsk in a long time. The new building made of glass and metal structures fits perfectly into the empire style of the old Landside area, and it is not only the starting or ending point of the journey, but also a popular place for entertainment and leisure.

Passengers can spend time in spacious waiting rooms, have a snack in a cafe or buffet, have a rest in a restaurant, make purchases in a store, use post office and telegraph services, as well as use luggage office and a 24-hour currency exchange office (the exchange rate is the same as throughout the city) services. The station building has a conference hall for VIPs, a billiard saloon and a recreational area for children.

By bus:

Bus terminal «Tsentralniy» is located next to the railway station. The infrastructure of bus terminals includes: ticket offices, waiting rooms, luggage offices, cafes, mini-hotels, hairdressers, retail outlets, pharmacies and newsstands, souvenir shops.

Public transport stops near bus terminals.


Belarusian ruble is the national currency of the Republic of Belarus.

The exchange office is located on the territory of the casino (3rd floor) in our hotel complex.

Currency exchange for Belarusian rubles can be made at branches of any banks or at currency exchange offices located in all hotels, supermarkets and large stores.

You can also exchange Traveler’s Cheque in banks.

Opening hours of the bank branches: Monday-Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00, Sunday - day off.

Credit cards are accepted in Minsk: Visa, JCB, Eurocard / Mastercard, Cirrus / Maestro and BelKart. Cash on credit cards can be obtained in city ATMs.


Emergency services:

101 - fire brigade

102 - police

103 - ambulance

104 - emergency gas service

Directory-inquiry, duty and dispatching services:

114 - bus terminal information

105 - railway information

106 - airline information

151 – advanced booking of railway tickets

153 - reference on codes of countries and cities

171 – order of long-distance and international calls

185 – information line

188 - time answering machine

When you dial a telephone number of subscribers of the Republic of Belarus from other states, the number “0” is not set up before the city code!


Dial Plan for the city of Minsk from Belarus: 8 - 017 xxxxxxx

Dial Plan for the city of Minsk from other states: +375 17 xxxxxxx