Vysokiy bereg (Highland)

Tourism and recreation complex «VYSOKIY BEREG» (HIGHLAND) is an unforgettable vacation in the native nature lap.

We invite you to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city in a picturesque location on the banks of the Neman River, only 79 km from Minsk.

Why you should choose to spend your leisure time in the «Vysokiy Bereg»:

  • Charming landscapes with yellow sandbanks;

  • Fresh air fragrant with the aroma of pine trees;

  •  Accommodation in comfortable rooms for every taste;

  • Wood-fired bathhouse;

  • Hunting for wild boar, moose, roe deer;

  • Fishing;

  • Access to wireless Wi-Fi;

  • Three meals per day;

  • Excursion programs to Nesvizh, Mir, Novogrudok, the ancient Belarusian cities;

  • Playground for children;

  • 2-6-day boat, boat and walking, walking and cycling tourist routes are developed;

  • Beach is equipped, there is a rescue and boating station;

  • Corporate leisure and holding rallies (the complex is ready to accommodate up to 1000 people in equipped glades);

  • Equipped area for fans of such games as laser tag, paintball and airsoft.

Travel direction: bus transit is available for the organized groups of 20 people or more. By train from Minsk to the Stolbtsy station, then by regular bus from Stolbtsy to the bus stop «Toutist Center «Vysokiy Bereg» (9 km) if you go on your own.

Our address:

pin.png Tourism and recreation complex «Vysokiy Bereg», Minsk region, Stolbtsy district, Nikolaevshchina village.

call.png Tel. for booking +375 17 177 43 96

call.png Fax +375 17 177 43 96

call.png Front Office Head: +375 29 277 08 83 (MTS); +375 44 599 19 42 (А1)

email.png E-mail: marketing@vbereg.by, info@vbereg.by

Website: www.vbereg.by

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